Teeth whitening

 Beyond and  Laser dr Smile (new) perfectly white teeth in less than an hour

In our office, we employ Beyond Whitening System, which brightens Your smile in an effective, and safe way. It eliminates stains which appeared as a consequence of smoking, drinking tea or coffee, using medicaments. Moreover, Beyond Whitening System removes stains being a result of natural teeth aging.

Beyond Whitening System is quick, permanent and the most effective among all known teeth whitening systems. It is possible to light up the teeth by 5-14 shades. Whitening as such takes only 30 minutes, and it is non-invasive, safe and long-years lasting. The effects are visible right after the whitening procedure. The teeth gain brightness, light shade and they are not subject to side effects. As an alternative to in-office whitening, we offer our Patients an overnight overlay whitening system. Our technician prepares individually for each Patient a special whitening tray, which the Patient –together with whitening gel- places on the teeth . The procedure has to be repeated each night for about two weeks.

Laser dr Smile:

  • Perfectly white teeth after one visit asting less than one hour,
  • Fast, lasting and the most effective of all known teeth whitening methods,
  • The treatment is disposable, non-invasive, painless and safe,
  • The effects are visible just after surgery and persist for many years,

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