Get the perfect smile - now it's easy!
Beautiful,Healthy and Shining teeth in 1 hour!
You will find your smile every day.
A healthy smile means healthy gums
We use Vector paro to fight subgingival diseases
Painless and Fearless Dentistry
Dental treatmen can be pain-free!
Check how we care about the overall well being of our patients.

PLATINIUM Aesthetic and Family Dental Care Centre

Dental Care System

We give You comprehensive dental care, supported by MODERN MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, the latest treatment techniques and nice and professional staff of consultants.

Our clinic provides our Patients with following treatment: conservatory dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, endodontic treatment, periodontal treatment, prosthetics, surgery and implantology.
As a Patient-oriented team, we also put emphasis on prophylaxis, modern non-invasive methods of treatment and verified dental materials.

Treating our patients, we keep in mind that dentistry is also an aesthetic field, which determines not only healthy, but also beautiful smile.
We are at Your disposal in the centre of Wroclaw, from early morning, till evening.

Painless and Fearless Dentistry

We care about the best treatment results and also about the highest comfort of our patients

Therapy and treatment of periodontitis

Untreated blooding gums caries the risk of bone loss...


A good aestethic dentistry knows how to create a natural and beautiful smile

Microscope root canal treatment

We can safe the tooth which is in realy bad condition


Implant is the best option to replace missing teeth

Child dental health

Child dentistry deals with the treatment and prevention of oral diseases of the youngest patients.

Orthodontic treatment

The orthodontic treatment is a part of associated dental therapy...

Dental caries diagnosis

Diagnodent Pen - Caries Detection Aid.

Plan your staying and your dental treatment in Wrocław

Wroclaw is a bustling city, one of the biggest Polish metropolis ...

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Christmas wishes

Let Christmas time be an opportunity for you to create unforgettable memories 
with your loved ones,
in health and joy, and let the New Year bring hope for a return to normalcy,
which will allow you to enjoy moments together with your friends.
Easter wishes

We wish you all full of hope and love Eater time