For over 30 years implantology has been enabling permanent reconstruction of single teeth, helping Patients escape removable dentures and ceramic bridges, which require preparation of often healthy teeth.

Lack of even one tooth, especially in the front part of the teeth arch, is a solemn problem which not only affects the beauty of our smile but may also cause psychological barriers and functional disorders. Reconstructing a tooth by means of an implant, not only restores beautiful smile, but also provides Patients with maximum comfort. All adult generally healthy Patients can undergo implantation, the only condition which has to be met is appropriate quality of bone in the place of planned implantation. 

Smoking increases the risk of implantation failure four times.

In PLATINIUM Dentistry Practice we employ American implants Biomet 3i. This system is based on many-years research and represents top quality, safety and exquisite aesthetics. Medical research proves, that implantation is successful in 95%-98% cases, moreover, the implants are under 5 years warranty.


First stage

First of all, the dentist prepares a comprehensive plan, based on the Patient’s expectations, test data and bone measurement. Implantation is a highly precise procedure, conducted in local anesthesia. The basic aim of this stage is to place the implant precisely in the bone in the exact position. For this purpose, the surgeon makes a precise hole in the bone and then screws the implant in. The gum covering the implant is stitched. Depending on the number of implants, the procedure takes 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Implantation of one or more implants into a healthy bone is painless, because it is conducted in local anesthesia and does not require a day-off from any daily routines. The process of healing takes 2-6 months and during this time, Patients can use traditional dentures without any risk of complications. In favorable conditions, it is possible to put on a temporary crown, just after the implantation, and it is especially convenient if the implantation concerns front teeth, however, each time it is the doctor who decides if such solution is possible.

Second stage

After the time necessary for the bone and the gum to heal, the doctor uncovers the top of the implant in order to place there a healing cup, extending the implant up to the top level of the gum. This is the most expected moment, when the gum is formed into natural shape, giving space for a ceramic crown which will be placed on top of it.

Third stage

After the gum-shaping stage, the prosthetic part can be finally carried out.

The process of making a crown for an implant does not differ from the process of making traditional ceramic crowns.

As for another implantation solution, there are so called immediate implants. It saves a lot of time, as well as reduces the number of necessary dental visits.

However, in each case it is always the doctor who decides which solution will be the best. The doctor bases the conclusions on the Patient’s bone conditions and examination of a panoramic x-ray photo.


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