Microscope root canal treatment

smartoptic ergo


It provides perfect visibility during root canal treatment, as well as locating narrow canals, removing broken instruments and dealing with root canal occlusions.

Employing microscope, that is large zoom, together with stronger, appropriately focused light, enables the doctor to deal with problems, which without the use of the microscope would be impossible. The microscope allow us to treat the teeth which otherwise would be qualified for extraction or surgical procedures such as: HEMISECTION or RADECTOMY.



Radiovisiography -taking x-ray photos is indispensible in accurate diagnostics. It uses rapid, low-dose, digital imaging system with a small intraoral sensor instead of radiographic film.
It presents the possibility of reduced Patient exposure and minimal distortion. In comparison to traditional x-ray system, RADIOVISIOGRAPHY has reduced the x-radiation by 90%. A receiver is placed in the mouth, routing signals to a computer which images the signals on a screen. The x-ray image or a part of it can be enlarged, analyzed, contrasted and, if there is such a need, sent in an e-mail to another specialist’s office. Patients can receive printed version of their photos. Using radiovisiography, the dentist is able to estimate the length of a root canal and the precision of a root canal filling, the density of bones, localization of a dental instrument, etc. Thus, the system is irreplaceable in endodontic treatment- it eliminates the risk of inaccurate canal filling, which can result in root injury. It also enables diagnosis of caries in its initial stage.



Endo V

Precise filling of a root canal is one of the most important elements of a successful and lasting root canal treatment. At PLATINIUM Dentistry Practice, we use for this purpose Endo V device.

During root canal treatment it is necessary to precisely establish the canal operation length. The combination of an endometer with an endodontic micro-motor, enables the doctor to accurately measure the root canal and to clean it from crown to the root apex, together with its ramifications, which is essential in a successful endodontic treatment.



In endodontic treatment each canal has to be filled accurately and quickly. Sybron Endo System is a high-tech device which is used for filling root canals with plastic gutta-percha or resilon.

This method is especially effective in treating teeth with thin, hard to reach canals.



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