Controlled bone regeneration

Controlled bone regeneration involves the use of a thin membrane. The membrane stimulates the development of new bone tissue and accelerates healing.

Bone regeneration treatments are most commonly used for bone loss.

Bone loss has so far disqualified the patient for implant treatment, but by performing a controlled bone regeneration implantation is possible.

The treatment starts with topical anesthesia, which largely eliminates pain and discomfort. Once the tooth is removed, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned of inflamed and inflamed tissue. Then the material is placed precisely and gently in the gutter. After placement of the powdered material, a delicate membrane is secured to the alveolus securing the graft area. In the last stage of the procedure the gums are sewn over the healing bone.

The operations of controlled bone regeneration are performed in the PLATINUM CLINIC.

For the first few days after the surgery, you may experience pain and swelling. This condition can persist up to 7-14 days depending on the body. Pain, which has the character of the so- Bluntness can be minimized by appropriately taking painkillers prescribed by your doctor. Swelling and swelling can be covered with cold dressings from the outside. Gingival period usually lasts about 6 weeks.

After the procedure, the patient receives precise instructions on how to cultivate the postoperative area. The recommendations concern primarily:

Keep operating field clean,
Daily brushing and stripping of teeth,
Mouth rinses with a special fluid prescribed by a doctor,
Take appropriate medicines prescribed by your doctor (including antibiotics if needed).


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