The Vampire's Gum Lifting

Our teeth and gums are constantly under the influence of harmful factors like improper oral hygiene, bad eating habits, bad habits. Some of us are also accompanied by diseases and anorexia. How can they be remedied? What will you say on vampire lifting ... gum?

The blood that cures? There is nothing unconventional about this. The concept of using platelets obtained from the patient's blood for his health is over 100 years old!

- The essence of this therapy is the ingredient that the donor is the patient - his own blood. First it is taken from the vein, which after the centrifuge in the special machine remains the so-called. Fibrin platelet rich. In its composition we find factors that support the process of regeneration of patient tissues. Blood fibrin allows faster and more efficient tissue healing, reduces inflammation and reduces the risk of infection. In addition, it is a patient-derived material, which reduces the possibility of non-invasive or allergic reactions.

Another advantage of this new generation of platen concentrate is its simple preparation - PRF does not require biochemical treatment, so it's fast, inexpensive and, most importantly, a safe solution. Thanks to these advantages, the treatment is already available to Patients PLATIMNIUM CLINICS

- Patient plate formulations of the patient's blood can be used in the form of a gel or diaphragm when raising the sinus lift - this allows the sutures to be protected after removal of the tooth or, for example, to replenish bone defects during implantation of dental implants.

Plate preparations are used for the treatment of periodontitis, which scares ravages in soft tissues, such as gingiva, and impairs their functionality. When gingivitis is exacerbated and it also touches the deep tissues of the periodontium, we need to remove the damaged tissue and reproduce it. In this situation, the use of lamellar tissue supports the process of periodontal treatment and accelerates healing.

- The use of platelets derived from the patient's blood is successfully used because of their support for the treatment process, and above all the total absence of side effects of this solution. In PLATINUM CLINIC we strive to use every method that brings good results. Especially when it turns out that the therapy can use the patient's own resources such as his own blood!


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